MudDog SlurrySepLPH3 - Concrete Separating Agent

Slurry Solutions - MudDog Slurry

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Muddog SlurrySep™

Slurry Sep are reactive separating agents composed of minerals, pH adjusting components and polymers.  They are specially blended high efficiency formulas designed to remove high levels of suspended solids from wastewaters generated from concrete-related applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Replaces high collection, lhandling, hauling and disposal costs
  • Protects from environmental fines
  • Rapid separation of suspended concrete fines in water allowing recycling of water or compliant disposal

How It Works

  1.  Chemical components of the SlurrySep adjust the pH of the water which enchances the precipitation of metals and breaks oil emulsions.
  2. Bentonite clay particles attract and encapsulate precipitated metallic ions.
  3. The polymeric portion of the formulation attracts remaining oils and suspended solids and forms a floc, which settles to the bottom of the treatment vessel.
  4. The bentonite clay and polymer work together to create a strong filterable floc, which will encapsulate and contain heavy metals while allowing the floc to readily release water resulting in a condensed thickened sludge like material.
  5. The entire process is completed in just a few minutes, resulting in clear water that can be discharged directly to a POTW or recycled.
  6. The remaining slude and its encapsulated contaminants are highly resistant to leaching and is prepared to be solidfied for compliant landfill disposal.

You may add Muddog SlurryDry™ to the remaining thickened sludge material to dehydrate the remaining moisture and creating a safe material for standard disposal that meets the requirements for the EPA 9095B Paint Filter Test for adequate moisture levels.  SlurryDry's main ingredient is EPA compliant as an acceptable non-biodegradable sorbent. SlurryDry adds further encapsulation of contaminants and is highly resistant to leaching providing a costs effective method of safe disposal.